CIRCUS Interactive delivers best-in-class marketing communications strategies that help companies increase brand awareness and grow their business. CIRCUS focuses on creating better communication and more consistent brand experiences in a new era of social media and digital engagement.


Our view on a successful social media strategy involves more than just Followers, Likes or positive sentiment. It involves contextual alignment with the tenets of a brand and desired user experience. We can help. We have successfully implemented social media programs that work–creating online communities, increasing engagement and fostering authentic social interactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us to learn more.



We are real-time students of the trends and challenges buffeting B-to-B marketers — from the consumerization of marketing promises, channels and tools, to the increased complexity of your customers’ decision-making process, to the need to draw actionable insights from a preponderance of data. Contact us to learn more.



At the heart of our approach is our commitment to creating compelling content and using tools, insights and experience to ensure that the story is discovered and shared. Editors and influencers rely on CIRCUS Interactive and our clients to provide useful, compelling and shareable content to enhance or initiate a story. Contact us to learn more.



Our clients experience superb management services, as well as unprecedented exposure to industry and corporate contacts, to ensure success and financial prosperity. Circus Interactive prides ourselves on our ability to offer the highest level of service, unmatched by any other within the business, while also ensuring our clients an elite level of reputation and trust management. Contact us to learn more.


Whether it’s creating a logo, a campaign slogan, a video or a blog post, we approach each project with energy and an open mind.  Our best ideas come from collaborating with our clients on ideas and approaches that help their businesses grow.  We create programs that resonate with defined audiences and create engagement and sales. Contact us to learn more.


We’re ready to help!  From brand launches, to social media programs, to demand generation programs, we create solutions that help companies succeed. Check out some of our success stories.