Our Work

We inspire businesses to dream bigger by showing them what a profitable business can really look like from the inside out. When we take on a project, we see more than a company, road or resource. We see an opportunity to make lasting connections with the people and places we serve. We see potential ways to overcome design challenges with creative problem solving. We see a chance to better our community. We pride ourselves on break through work that delivers results.


A.R.C. Motorsports

Circus Interactive develops overall brand positioning and marketing communications strategies as well as sponsorships for the A.R.C. Motorsport team. In addition to creative services and media responsibilities, we oversee the NHRA® pro stock race team’s sponsorship strategy and outreach while developing integrated marketing campaigns that serve sponsors under the A.R.C. Motorsports banner.

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eCarMover Motorsports

Developed overall brand positioning and a marketing communications strategy with a focus on driving awareness and sentiment, traffic and sales. As a fully integrated partner, we collaborate with the eCarMover Motorsport team to drive strategy development that elevates the brand and creative across all channels, manage media production and perform market research and competitive analysis.

eCarMover.com, Inc.

eCarMover.com, an OEM automobile transportation logistics company offers affordable trusted transport of all automobile makes and models to all major automobile manufacturers as well as direct to owner. Based in Tampa, Fla., we’re an independent vehicle transportation and logistic provider, fully licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and always in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines.

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Steelworks Distillery

Located in steel country, Pennsylvania, the Steelworks Distillery produces the best made wine and spirits. Circus Interactive is managing an overall rebranding effort that brings into focus overall brand positioning and marketing communications strategies. In addition to working as the Agency of Record for Steelworks, Circus Interactive acts as the Export Agent, with a charter to establish International distribution channels that driving growth in the Caribbean.